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Astro Puppy - Men's Crew Socks
Houston, we don't have an issue with these socks! Men's shoe size 7-13.Cotton; polyester; spandex/elastane...
Fly Gun - Orange
Use those pesky house flies as an opportunity to hone your shooting skills.Safe, clean and...
Bacon - Men's Crew Socks
Mmmm delicious bacon socks!  Men's shoe size 7-13.49% cotton; 49% polyester; 2% spandex.-------------------------------------------------------------------Like these? See our...
Planets - Men's Crew Socks
Be comfortable while tripping the light fantastic through the universe with these galaxy socks! Men's...
Stay Weird - Men's Crew Socks
Get on down with your own weird self with your very own Stay Weird socks! ...
Hundy™ Hangover Prevention - Single Sachet
When a special occasion arises we all just want to have a great time, but...
Drumstick Pen - Black - Suck UK
Looking to write songs and keep the beat? Look no further then this pair of...
Painting the Universe - Mighty Wallet Tyvek
The Mighty Wallet® is loved by many because it is mighty thin, by others because...
Bearly Awake - Men's Crew Socks
We're all familiar with that Bearly Awake feeling until the fog clears and the coffee...
Selective Hearing Specialist - Men's Crew Socks
What's that now?Men's crew socks for those who have mastered the fine art of selective...
Octive Reader - Men's Crew Socks
If only we had 8 arms so we to could read 8 books at once! ...
.50 Cal Bullet Bottle Opener
This bottle opener is hand machined from a military grade decommissioned .50 Cal. full metal jacket...