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We've got your feet covered with our large range of funny novelty silly socks! Choose from our range of ankle or knee high socks!

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Horse Head Nebula - Women's Knee Length Socks
Space horse! A very special sock for a very special foot, Like Cinderella but better.Knee...
Planets - Men's Crew Socks
Be comfortable while tripping the light fantastic through the universe with these galaxy socks! Men's...
Hangry - Women's Ankle Socks
So hangry you could eat your own foot?Be sure to take off your spiffy new...
Tuxedo Cat - Women's Crew Socks
Step-out on the town with these Tuxedo Cat crew socks and make sure you're steppin'...
Mythical Unicorns - Women's Crew Socks
Slip into comfort with these socks adorned with the majestic mythical beast the mighty unicorn! Women's...
Lookin' Sharp - Women's Knee Length Socks
Looking sharp and prickly in these stylish bad boys. Total comfort on the inside and...
Secret Powers Shimmer - Women's Turn Cuff Crew Socks
Step out like a boss with these shimmery lightning turn down socks.Wear them turned up...
Starry Night - Women's Knee Length Socks
Now you can carry a bit of whimsy and art wherever you go with these...
Bearly Awake - Women's Crew Socks
Bearly functioning until that morning cup of coffee now comes with cute socks to wear...
Carousel - Women's Crew Socks
These socks will have you riding high on the magic carousel of life! Women's shoe size...
Secret Powers Cat - Women's Knee Length Socks
Unleash your inner furry fury cat laser eyes super powers with these stylish steppers!  Approximately...
You Crafty Bitch - Women's Crew Socks
One for the sewers and knitters, we love ya!Let everyone know your mad skills with...