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Card - Fantail & Manuka Heart
A sweet cutout heart design featuring a Fantail bird and Manuka blooms.(Blank inside)
Card - Roses Are Red
Roses are redViolets are blueIt's time I told you....*tick box*  -I'm crazy for you-I love...
Card - Perfect Match
PERFECT MATCHMade in heaven. (Blank inside.)
Card - Strange & Wonderful
We have a strange and wonderful relationship.You're strange and I'm wonderful. (Blank inside.)
Card - Weirdo
Out of all the weirdos in the world, I'm so glad you're my weirdo. (Blank...
Card - You Are My Jam
You are my jam.(Blank inside)
Card - Partners Choices
Never laugh at your partner's choices.You are one of them. (Blank inside.)
Card - Scully
Scully in the streetsMulder in the sheets(Blank inside)
Card - Behind Every Woman
Behind every woman is a man wondering what he said wrong. Blank inside.
Card - Honey
I use 'hun' not 'hon' because you are not my honey, you are my fierce...
Card - Your Plants
I can't wait to get into your plants. (Blank inside)
Card - Did It Hurt
Did it hurt?Did what hurt?When you broke through the earths crust ascending from hell. (Blank...