Cookie Dog Plush Soft Toy

Cookie Dog Plush Soft Toy

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Meet Cookie the Dog.
Everyone knows Cookie is a hardworking and diligent dog. Cookie is very reliable and is also fun to be around.
One of the things that Cookie likes the most is a nice and juicy bone for lunch. If you are going to his house and want to make him happy, bring a bone. Cookie, however, will never eat it alone. It brings Cookie real pleasure sharing things that he likes with his friends.

Cookie is presented in a gift box made out of ecologically friendly craft carton which can be transformed into a cozy house for its plush dweller.
Your child can creatively paint the box to make it a colorful home.
With a bit of tender loving care, this very special toy can easily become best friends for little loved ones, and for their parents as well.

Appx 25cm head to toes.
Box size: appx 25cm x 13cm x 13cm
Polyester filling
Comes with a suction cup 
attachment at back of head which can be removed if not required.

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