Hundy™ Hangover Prevention - Single Sachet

Hundy™ Hangover Prevention - Single Sachet

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When a special occasion arises we all just want to have a great time, but big nights often mean bad mornings.

Hundy’s™ active ingredients, including herbal extracts from the Japanese Raisin Tree, helps to support healthy liver function.
By taking 2 capsules before you go to bed you can get back to Hundy™ in record time.

Possibly the best wee gift to give someone celebrating a big birthday or occasion. - The gift of a wide eyed morning!

  • Hundy’s™ unique formula supports the body’s recovery, and the liver’s natural detoxification process by eliminating toxic by-products, (caused by food and drinks) – which is one of the main reasons you feel bad after a big night out.
  • Hundy™ is derived from natural ingredients and designed to support the body’s natural recovery from over indulgence, a stressful lifestyle, over exercising and under sleeping. Only good stuff goes in, so no additives, flavourings, e-numbers or colourings.
  • Hundy™ contains DHM, a herbal extract from the Japanese Raisin Tree — used for centuries and a mainstay of Chinese herbal practice. Hundy™ is designed to aid your liver with the processing of toxins and supports the brain’s GABA receptors. Helping you get back to feeling Hundy™ in record time.

1 sachet contains 2 capsules.
You have to remember to take both Hundy™ capsules before you go to bed, because taking it in the morning won’t make you feel any better.

***Hundy does not prevent or minimize intoxication - but can lessen the severity of ill effects felt the next day. Please drink responsibly.


Hundy™ Hangover Prevention - Single Sachet
Each capsule contains: 

  • 600mg Japanese Raisin Tree Extract (Dihdromyricetin)
  • 120mg Sodium
  • 120mg Amino Acids
  • 10mcg Vitamin B12 

Best before MARCH 2023.
Recent international scientific studies have found no major side effects associated with the consumption of its active ingredients.


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