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Looking for the best gift ideas for women? Impress your wife, girlfriend, mother or daughter with a great women's gift from our selection of curated items.

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Pup Pup and Away - Women's Crew Socks
Up, up and away! Now you can step lightly with these lighter then air doggy...
Scarf - Pohutukawa Blaze
Printed Kiwiana style - a lightweight scarf to add a little style to your outfit.Scarf...
Winging It - Women's Knee Length Socks
Winging it like the special unicorn you are. Knee length socks for fabulous feet! Approximately fits women's...
Sunhat - Flirting Fantails Red
A bit of Riviera down under!Beat the sun by donning this kiwi infused sunhat.Natural colour...
Chance of Wine - A4 Wooden Sign
Prepare your friends for the extreme risk of wine with this large A4 Wooden Sign. Measures:...
Bamboo Tray - Vintage Kiwi
Cute, cartoony kiwis, printed on a lightweight bamboo sandwich tray. Great for serving up lamingtons!...
Party Animal - Women's Crew Socks
Woo-hoo! Lets party like it's the Mesozoic Era and get Jurassic level crunked up in...
Helix Nebula - Women's Crew Socks
Get in touch with the cosmos with these funky galaxy socks! Women's shoe size 5-10.51%...
Bookworm - Women's Knee Length Socks
Bookworms just love to cozy up with a good book and a pair of warm...
Fold Out Bag - Bird Song
Beautiful, spacious, kiwiana themed fold out bags - saving the earth and looking damn good...
Cherry Blossom - Modgy Vase
Modgy Expandable Flower Vases do everything a glass vase does except collect dust, chip or...
Blue Q Shoulder Tote Bag - Typewriter
Clickety clackety, carriage return memories.Make everybody over 40 flash back to a time best forgotten with this...