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Card - Sassy Giraffe
Happy Birthday (Blank inside)
Card - Top Two
Dad, of all my parents you are definitely in my top two.(Blank inside)
Card - Houston
Houston I have so many problems.(Blank inside)
Card - Carpe The Hell
'Carpe the hell out of this Diem' (Blank inside)
Card - Crayons
'I hate being older because now I have to bring my own crayons to restaurants.'(Blank...
Card - Unicorns Birthday Shakie
Have a wonderful birthday.(blank inside.) Card features a glitter layer that moves when shaken.
Card - Flavour
'My favourite flavour of cake is more.' (Blank inside)
Card - A Cold One
A cold one for the old one (Blank inside.)
Card - Closer Reaper
Getting closer(Blank inside)
Card - Handsome & Humble
It's hard being both handsome & humble. (inside: And yet somehow you still manage... Happy...
Card - Men Don't Grow Old
'Men don't grow old, they just become more important.' Blank inside.
Card - Rollin'
'They see me rollin'...'(Blank inside)