Real Life Travel Bingo

Real Life Travel Bingo

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Bring the excitement back to long road trips and keep everyone occupied with a fun game for the whole family!

Finally, a travel game for REAL families!

Each window depicts an all-too-familiar travel experience, like:

We Are Lost
Pee Emergency
Long, Pointless Story
Argue About Where To Eat
Lame Music Choice
Homicidal Thought AND MANY MORE!

Slide the plastic shutters to mark the space. The first player to get five in a row wins - BINGO!

Parents have told us that our game has made long car rides easier, by helping kids laugh at these difficult moments.



  • One set of three bingo cards
  • Durable, reusable boards
  • Sliding shutters to mark each space
  • Assorted colors: green, orange & blue
  • Pictures are arranged differently on each card, so there's only one winner
  • Each card measures 6.5 X 7 inches

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